15032147_1746485768948146_5228533035534966375_nWhat are people saying about the  Portsmouth Improv Learning Lab-PILL?

“Beth B does an amazing job at making new Pill Takers feel incredibly safe while stepping out of the box. I had never done anything like this before, so stepping out of “my” shell was huge!  It kept me coming back. If you want to laugh and have fun, come try PILL!” Robin M, New Hampshire

The PILL sessions with Beth are a great way to work on your listening skills. I’ve met some wonderful people thru the group and enjoy learning together. It is definitely a good way to start your week!” Rick, Portsmouth, NH

“I was amazed at what I discovered about myself and my relationships with others in this workshop.  New insights came fast and furious, all while I was learning new skills and having fun!  Beth was extremely supportive, and the whole group listened to what I shared without any judgment whatsoever.”  Katherine Mayfield, Maine, author of “Bullied: Why You Feel Bad Inside and What to Do About It” and “The Box of Daughter“.

“This is truly one of the most fun things of the week.  It’s so welcoming and non-competitive and kind.  You can’t do anything “wrong,” every possible response is applauded!  Just observing is great, too.  No dramatic skills or tendencies needed.  It’s more like cooperative play — where the goal is for everyone there to have a fun, positive experience.”  William from Portsmouth

“Beth’s PILL workshops are an incredibly fun way to explore interpersonal 15135896_1746485868948136_7726663832386802186_ndynamics, enhance communication skills, build trust and develop greater self-awareness. Beth’s presence is welcoming and supportive. She is a thoughtful teacher who understands how to implement the power of play as a most effective learning tool.” 
Jess McKneally, South Portland, ME

“2 hours of FUN! Beth Boynton has created a safe environment in which I am learning to be a better listener and communicator while having FUN! It amazes me how I am able to trust the people in the class after only a few weeks of playing games with them. I still have a bit of fear, yet love learning a new game. The challenge is exhilarating. PILL has enabled me to move out of my comfort zone. PILL provides two hours to forget problems of daily life and PLAY.Thank you, Beth, for the wonderful opportunity to learn!”Glenna, Southern ME

“Beth’s Improv session is among the best ever for the quality of experience, creativity, expertise, and facilitating skills of the presenter, and valuable new materials and skills.  Many of the ideas, concepts, and techniques I learned,  I am happily using in my practice.” Jorinda Margolis, MSW, LICSW, NH

“Walking into a room filled with people, all new to improv, was daunting to me.  Our leader, Beth Boynton, stood up at just the right moment and introduced herself and her topics. Her clear, gentle, instructive tone set everyone at ease.  Her explanation of our first exercise was interesting and I could feel we were off to a good start.  I thoroughly enjoyed the three PILL classes that I took and left feeling great respect for her leadership skills, knowledge, and poise. We had a lot of fun!—Dr. Anita Remig, Licensed Psychologist