About PILL

Hi, I’m Beth Boynton and I am the excited founder of PILL-Portsmouth Improv Learning Lab!  We provide experiential learning programs that are joyful and and connecting.  PILL classes also build essential interpersonal skills and can be customized for groups and businesses!


Why is Dignity is our Destiny the PILL tagline?  

The phrase is graciously shared by Robert Fuller in his work against rankism and for dignity!  When the environment is safe and group process is nurtured via expert facilitation, improv activities become a fun way for people to connect and collaborate.

In this way, all participants get to practice speaking up and listening, while playing together!

  • Everyone is valued.
  • Everyone contributes.
  • Trusting relationships are formed.

Almost all creativity involves purposeful play. –  Abraham Maslow

This is ideal for us humans and includes a vision of divine play that will help heal the social fabric of our world!

How did you come to develop PILL?

I’ve learned a lot about and improved my own communication through improv classes over the years. I’m still learning!

Also, I’ve been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years and have a Masters in Organization & Management! Over the last decade, I’ve been teaching healthcare professionals skills required for effective communication, collaboration, teamwork, and leadership. Skills that are rooted in emotional intelligence and critical for providing safe care and optimal patient satisfaction while coping with stress and sustaining rewarding careers.  If you are interested to know more about my work in healthcare, check out my blog, “Confident Voices in Healthcare” or my book:  Medical Improv: A New Way to Improve Communication.

I’ve been taking improv classes for many years and gradually adapting activities for my students.  I found that many activities could be used to teach emotional intelligence and communication skills while having a lot of fun.  Now I want to teach these activities to a broader audience in my hometown!

Is PILL Improv Comedy?

Many people associate improv with improv comedy, but PILL is different.  In PILL classes, facilitators take the focus off of performing.  Instead we focus on creating a safe environment, having fun, meeting others, and personal growth.  It can still be and often is quite funny, but there is no audience except your fellow participants who are very supportive!

How can I learn more?

Give me a call or email.  I’m happy to talk and even meet for coffee in one of the great spots on our beautiful seacoast!  603-205-3509 or bbbboynton@gmail.com.