Portsmouth’s Creative Mornings & Christine Kelly’s Excellent Talk on Setting Intentions!

Creative Mornings is a progressive program that features an inspiring talk every month in cities all over the world.  PORTSMOUTH, NH is one of them as are London, Paris, Brussels, and Cape Town.  In short, the monthly theme is international while each city’s presentation is by local creative talent.  This past July, consultant Christine Kelly provided a practical and positive talk on setting intentions.

I loved it and am incorporating her advice into setting my intention for a home that looks and feels the way I deserve it to.  For me, this involves some reflecting, journaling, networking, and meditating.

And it is working, I’d say.  I want to use word of mouth as a primary process (as opposed to Craigslist) so there is an element of knowing me inherent in the process.  Yesterday my brother emailed me a rental sign he saw and I just got a text from a Zumba buddy about a rental downtown.  After I publish this I’m gonna go check it out. I’m not in a hurry.  I want a nice community whether sharing space or a studio/1BR in a nice village.  Quite frankly, that IS part of my creative life!

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Her talk was pragmatic and inspiring! it was also helpful in terms of understanding how our brains work to help us accomplish (or not) our goals.

If you missed it, don’t worry, you can listen here! Thanks, Christine!