What do the Portsmouth Inspiration Awards & Tom Rush Movie Have in Common?


They are both Spring Events at PPMTV-Portsmouth Public Media TV! 

I love PPMTV.  The people who run it and fund it.  The building itself has a creative vibe.  You never know what props you might find lying around.  It is where I teach most PILL improv classes, many with Liz Korabek of Korabek Training.  Yesterday we started a brand new pilot combining mindfulness and improv and there was a mannequin’s arm w/ a plastic cup attached to it’s hand.   We happily used it for an activity called “Props Freeze” where it became a kite, leash, and back-scratcher!  Who knew?

Anyways, PPMTV has some exciting Spring Events coming up!  Please help spread the word!

  • Inspiration Awards 4/19-where each year 3 individuals are recognized for their contributions to making the Portsmouth  area a stronger, more vibrant place to live and work.   You can learn more about this years inspiring Portsmouth peeps; Robin Alpert, Guy Capecelatro III, and Glicka Kaplan here!  Big thanks to each of you as you sure make the seacoast an awesome part of the world!
  • Meet and Greet-4/14-An opportunity to connect with the PPMTV community.  They are going to show the movie; Tom Rush:  No Regrets! NH’s own folksinger, songwriter, and guitarist  recalls his illustrious and unconventional career in this music-filled documentary.
  • Kickstarter Project to Help Keep PPMTV on the Air.  Please consider a donation to help replace their computer program and get some new software that makes all the programming possible.  Did you know that PPMtv is the only Public Access Television station serving the seacoast area of New Hampshire?

Read more about PPMTV Spring Events.

I’m grateful for the benefits I get as a member of PPMT including space to try out teaching new improv classes and invaluable expertise from Bill Humphreys and Chad Cordner for ongoing PILL filming project!

Oh and btw, I’m out of town for Inspiration Awards and have signed up for Meet and Greet.  See you there?