Mindfulness Meets Improvisation-Part V-Cultivate Generosity

In part I of this series we explored how both practices help with listening, responding, and being present.  In Part II, we talked about starting anywhere, Part III, embracing uncertainty, and Part IV-on being kind!  

Here we explore how these two seemingly different practices both help us to: Cultivate Generosity!

When we are confident in our ability to meet our lives, moment by moment, we can afford to relax and be generous with ourselves and others.   We can take the long view and put things into perspective.  We don’t have to take ourselves so seriously.  In practicing mindfulness, once our minds settle even for a moment, we begin to connect with spaciousness, the feeling that there is enough room for things to be just the way they are.  

The ducks can just float by – we don’t have to line them all up.  

We recognize our thoughts and then practice letting them go.  We have the opportunity to further practice this when we improvise.  We have an idea of what to do next and then the situation changes and we have to shift gears, letting go of our idea.  By continuously letting go of our ideas, thoughts and scenarios in our heads and opening up to the moment fresh and curious we create the spaciousness to go with the flow.  

In the flow we start to see the bigger picture and how we can jump in and be generous.

If you are interested in experiencing these two practices (and we hope you are), join Beth Boynton and me for our exciting launch of the workshop:

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Mindfulness and improvisation?  To help people develop emotional intelligence, good communication skills, presence and deeper connections?  Granted, it’s a little out of the box.  But most fun, cutting edge and innovative stuff is.  -Liz Korabek-Emerson

Liz is a certified mindfulness instructor, transformational workshop leader and creative coach dedicated to helping people become more resilient through mindfulness.  Since 2012 she has been designing and leading mindfulness programs for individuals and organizations including the Portsmouth Hospital, Liberty Mutual, and Riverwoods Retirement community.  She also holds an MFA in theatre and brings thirty years of experience creating and directing theatre to teaching programs that are empowering, creative and engaging.  Learn more at Korabek Training.