Mindfulness Meets Improvisation-Part II-Start Anywhere!

In part I of this series we explored how both practices help with listening, responding, and being present.  In this post, we start anywhere!

Mindfulness and improvisation are both practices that encourage us to jump in and start, even when we don’t have all our ducks in a row.  When we train the mind to be in the present moment, just the way it is; good, not so good or it will have to do, we begin to develop the ability to trust ourselves and our situations, even when they are uncomfortable or challenging.  This quality of trust allows us to let go waiting for the perfect moment, dress size, job, family, or self-improved version of ourselves in order to live our lives fully with appreciation and joy.  We can start now.  By making the leap of faith to be in the present moment fully! Here we learn to let go of our perfectionism, judgments and the inner critic that is all too ready to keep us from leaping into our lives, relationships, and circumstances.  

Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin.  Beginning makes the conditions perfect.  –Alan Cohen

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Mindfulness and improvisation?  To help people develop emotional intelligence, good communication skills, presence and deeper connections?  Granted, it’s a little out of the box.  But most fun, cutting edge and innovative stuff is.  -Liz Korabek-Emerson

Liz is a certified mindfulness instructor, transformational workshop leader and creative coach dedicated to helping people become more resilient through mindfulness.  Since 2012 she has been designing and leading mindfulness programs for individuals and organizations including the Portsmouth Hospital, Liberty Mutual, and Riverwoods Retirement community.  She also holds an MFA in theatre and brings thirty years of experience creating and directing theatre to teaching programs that are empowering, creative and engaging.  Learn more at Korabek Training.