What’s the difference between PILL improv on the seacoast & Medical Improv?

I’ve been taking improv classes for over a decade.  Partly for fun and partly for personal growth. I’ve learned how to be more assertive, listen better, and even take more risk in social situations.  I’m still learning!

I’ve been teaching communication and related skills to nurses for even longer.  I began to include improv activities in my teaching because I could see what an effective and fun way it was to learn the skills.  Some of the Medical Improv workshops I teach are listed here.

In healthcare, interpersonal skills are critical to providing safe, compassionate care.  They are also critical for the health and wellbeing of nurses, doctors and others who work in the healthcare system.  Some people are surprised to hear about the prevalence of problems like medical errors, poor patient experiences, and injuries or burnout among healthcare workers.  Sadly, they are huge problems and often linked to poor communication.  You can read more about these serious issues and their connection to communication skills here.   When I teach improv to healthcare professionals, there is an emphasis on these issues.

Under the umbrella of PILL- Portsmouth Improv Learning Lab, there are entry-level and advanced classes and you don’t have to be an actor or healthcare professional to take them. We have a lot of fun and many of the activities are quite simple, once you get the hang of a few principles.

Most classes are once a week for several weeks and next week York Adult and Community Education is sponsoring a single class on 3/13 at York Middle School.  This could be a great way for people who are considering a PILL class, but hesitant to sign up for several weeks.  If you’re interested, we’d love to have you. And if you have questions please send me an email bbbboynton@gmail.com or call 603-205-3509.

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