Seacoast SCORE Mentors Develop their Listening Skills with a Little Improv!

Seacoast SCORE Mentors and guests who attended my recent workshop, Applied Improv – A Surprising Way to Promote Listening Skills took the plunge into improv with enthusiasm!

They jumped into “Yes and…” and “Same Time Story” activities with an openness to learning that isn’t always easy for folks who’ve never tried improv before.

Listening is one of those human interactive skills that is easier to talk about than it is to practice! AND you have to be willing to try something out-of-the-box in order to develop your skills with improv.

SCORE Volunteer, Brenda Richards provided assistance in the workshop. She has also been a very helpful Mentor to me over the last year in developing my own business; Boynton Improv Education, LLC!

And just so you know, Seacoast SCORE has some great and FREE resources to offer new and emerging business people. AND if you have business skills to share, you might want to explore options to become a SCORE Volunteer!

Brenda Richards, SCORE Mentor

Seacoast SCORE is continually recruiting new clients and new mentors. Because more than half of our clients are female, we’re making a concerted effort to recruit additional female mentors in 2019.” –Brenda Richards

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