Progressive & Hopeful Vision about Aging at Extended Family

Not only do we have fun in PILL classes, we get to meet dynamic people who make their homes and businesses in the NH/ME seacoast. Barbara Trimble is one of the wonderful and intriguing people who are trying out classes at Portsmouth Improv Learning Lab-PILL!

In 2004, Barbara founded Extended Family.  Extended Family’s mission is to “help people age on their terms by offering premium services that promote independence, good health and engagement in life.”  Extended Family is more than a home service company, it is a lifetime membership. Members age at home, while receiving any type of services that they need or desire.  Evidenced-based programs built into the Extended Family model include Medication Management, Fall Prevention, Brain Wellness and Hospital Advocacy, and are designed to keep members active, independent and on their feet!  Quarterly metrics of Extended Family’s members are beginning to prove that their members fall less, maintain stronger minds, and report a higher quality of life.  And most importantly, never have to leave their home.

I so love her vision about growing older!

Aging does not have to be a long, slow downward slope.  Rather, with focus and effort, people can lead full and active lives until that “last day.”  Older adults need a plan, to manage any medical issues, to stay physically active, to maintain brain wellness, and to stay socially engaged.  By maintaining their dignity and zest for life, they will have a reason to get up every morning.–Barbara Trimblepresident and founder of Extended Family, LLC

We’ve had some spirited conversations about leadership in healthcare.  I think she would be awesome to work for. As you can tell in her vision statement, her philosophy is one of empowerment.  Empowerment of clients AND staff!

Curious about work at Extended Family?

Take a look at the expectations and see if you are inspired!


We expect our caregivers to be the best of the best, and sometimes this means going above and beyond! Candidates with a high level of professionalism, attention to detail, flexibility, great communication skills, openness to receive and accept feedback, and a desire to learn and grow are who we are looking for to join our team!

Working at EF is being part of something BIG.  You will make a difference in the lives of those you work with.  You will feel good at the end of your day. You will have access to education, social activities and our rewards and recognition program.  –Barbara Trimble



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  1. I feel our world is failing and it is challenging to know/learn what to do to affect change, besides voting! I kept seeing this poster in downtown Portsmouth that mentioned PILL (Portsmouth Improv Learning Lab). It was a 4 week commitment indicating that we would work with divine play, improv and mindfulness. It scared me, why put myself in this position where I may have to be vulnerable? At the same moment, I knew I should be taking this class. Our leaders Beth Boynton & Liz Korabek-Emerson were gentle, accepting and very funny as were the other 15 class participants. I haven’t been able to verbally process all of what I received from PILL. I am a workaholic and I am happy to report, that I did learn to play and have fun. All my senses were heightened, due to the mindfulness exercises; the air, smells, stars, the movement of driving on the road all felt like beautiful gifts. A big heavy darkness has been lifted from me and this isn’t even therapy! All of our ‘good-byes’ were so meaningful. To think that we were able to get to that deep level of intimacy & caring for each other without judgment even without speaking about our lives is astonishing to me. Beth and Liz are creating something bigger than all of us! It will change us and therefore little by little change our world. I am thankful to both Beth & Liz for following your truth and it has truly blessed me. I did know I was to take that class 😍 I am joy filled.! Joanne Hardin, Rye, NH Retired and active family care taker.

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