Portsmouth Community TV Station Funding Project Has Very Funny Video!

There’s only 4 days left for PPMTV to raise enough money to have the tech support they need to continue offering local and state programming!

Watch their video and you’ll see how desperate and creative the PPMTV Crew are!  LOL!  As they like to say, “It’s always something!”

They are getting really close to their goal and hoping this post will inspire you to check out their video, website, and even more importantly, make a donation.  One of their big offers is a $100 membership for a donation of $50!  I’ve been a member for 2 years and use their resources a lot!

Channel 98 on Comcast is where PPMtv lives – and the computer and program scheduling software that keeps PPMtv alive on Ch 98 is in desperate need of replacement. As of this writing, they need less than 2 grand!

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