PILL is in the News

A big shout out to Seacoast Reporter Paul Briand for his recent coverage of PILL via an interview with yours truly!  I’m in my early 60s and the path to PILL has a rather long story so kudos to Paul for his thoughtful and skilled weaving of the salient points!



Beth Boynton has made a career – and written a book – devoted to using the improv techniques to help medical professionals improve their communication skills.

Today, she wants to expand that offering to a more general audience in Portsmouth. To that end, Boynton has created PILL – Portsmouth Improv Learning Lab.

Experiential activities from the world of improv can be made to be safe, fun and transformative. When there is no pressure to perform, this process of divine play can also lead to new friendships and much joy,” said Boynton.  

Read full story here!


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