PILL Blog Summer Series: “Mindfulness Meets Improvisation” by Liz Korabek-Emerson

Sounds intriguing, yes?

Over the next two weeks, Liz will share her insights on the Six Ways Improv Aligns with Mindfulness, described by applied improvisation blogger, Rachel Ben.  

Mindfulness Meets Improvisation!

  • Listen and Respond
  • Be Present
  • Start Anywhere
  • Embrace Uncertainty
  • Be Kind
  • Cultivate Generosity

Stay tuned for this fun series!  

Oh and later this summer,  Liz and I are piloting a dynamic new workshop where we will explore these concepts and more.  Registration, Early Bird rate, and more info:

Stronger Together:  The Extra Strength PILL for Connecting with Presence & Fun

Mindfulness and improvisation?  To help people develop emotional intelligence, good communication skills, presence and deeper connections?  Granted, it’s a little out of the box.  But most fun, cutting edge and innovative stuff is.  -Liz Korabek-Emerson


Liz is a certified mindfulness instructor, transformational workshop leader and creative coach dedicated to helping people become more resilient through mindfulness.  Since 2012 she has been designing and leading mindfulness programs for individuals and organizations including the Portsmouth Hospital, Liberty Mutual, and Riverwoods Retirement community.  She also holds an MFA in theatre and brings thirty years of experience creating and directing theatre to teaching programs that are empowering, creative and engaging.  Learn more at Korabek Training.

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