PILL Blog Summer Series: “Mindfulness Meets Improvisation” by Liz Korabek-Emerson

Sounds intriguing, yes?

Over the next two weeks, Liz will share her insights on the Six Ways Improv Aligns with Mindfulness, described by applied improvisation blogger, Rachel Ben.  

Mindfulness Meets Improvisation!

  • Listen and Respond
  • Be Present
  • Start Anywhere
  • Embrace Uncertainty
  • Be Kind
  • Cultivate Generosity

Stay tuned for this fun series!  

Oh and later this summer,  Liz and I are piloting a dynamic new workshop where we will explore these concepts and more.  Registration, Early Bird rate, and more info:

Stronger Together:  The Extra Strength PILL for Connecting with Presence & Fun

Mindfulness and improvisation?  To help people develop emotional intelligence, good communication skills, presence and deeper connections?  Granted, it’s a little out of the box.  But most fun, cutting edge and innovative stuff is.  -Liz Korabek-Emerson


Liz is a certified mindfulness instructor, transformational workshop leader and creative coach dedicated to helping people become more resilient through mindfulness.  Since 2012 she has been designing and leading mindfulness programs for individuals and organizations including the Portsmouth Hospital, Liberty Mutual, and Riverwoods Retirement community.  She also holds an MFA in theatre and brings thirty years of experience creating and directing theatre to teaching programs that are empowering, creative and engaging.  Learn more at Korabek Training.

Keeping You in the PILLoop!

Just a quick update before heading to the Music Hall for a movie.  Not sure if I’ll go to “Lovers” or “Obit”!

  • Only 2 spots left in upcoming class which begins Monday night.  How exciting is that?  And you can still get the Early Bird rate until 11:59 pm 7/7/2017!

Discover PILL:  The Improv Way to Have Fun, Meet Nice People, & Grow! Register Here!

Liz Korabek-Emerson, of Korabek Training,  is writing a series for the PILL Blog about Mindfulness and Improv.  (Thanks, Liz!) It will coincide nicely for promoting our class Stronger Together: The Extra Strength PILL for Connecting with Presence & Fun.

We are jazzed about this new class and had a blast putting up PILL Posters all over Portsmouth!

  • Last but not least, the PILL filming project begins 7/15 with a small group of PILL-takers, 3 camerafolk, and an idea!  Stay tuned to learn more about what’s coming down the PILL Pike! 🙂



Next Class-Discover PILL-Early Bird Reminder!

Early Bird rate ends 11;59 PM on 7/6/17!

Happy 4th of July 2017!  What a gorgeous day on the seacoast!  I hope you are enjoying your holiday.  And what a great place to live or visit, right?

And what a great place to live or visit, right?

I’m excited to say that there are only 5 more spots for Discover PILL:  The Improv Way to Meet Nice People, Have Fun, & Grow!

Register Here

Please note that there is a “Private Pay” option that allows you to register and pay by check or cash in person.  You’ll save a few bucks and I’ll have a list of registrants!

Let me know if you have any questions!  bbbboynton@gmail.com!



Why the PILL Tagline “Dignity is our Destiny”?

I borrowed, (with permission), the tagline from Robert Fuller, former president of Oberlin College and author of Somebodies and Nobodies.  In this moving TED talk, he shares his plan about making dignity a movement.  A movement towards dignity and away from ‘rankism’ or any form of abuse.

Dignity is something we all deserve, right?  To be treated with respect.  Just because we are human beings.  People of all ages, genders, races, sexualities, professions, and so forth deserve to be treated with dignity.  And that, instead of bullying, racism, sexism, etc,  is what our capacity is or can be as human beings…IMHO.

But we know, it isn’t always the case.  Our world is a tumultuous place and abuses of power not uncommon.  Maybe, in some cases, not even on a conscious level!

What does dignity have to do with PILL?

One of the wonderful things about improv activities, when played in a safe environment like with PILL is that power is shared.  Sharing an idea and building on the idea of another is a magical way of promoting dignity.  And by the way, I believe that creating a safe environment for our classes is extremely important!

Sooooooooo PILL classes, besides being fun and full of nice people to meet, also help us evolve individually and collectively! Pretty awesome, yes?

How would you describe dignity?  Do you think we humans can get there?





PILL is in the News

A big shout out to Seacoast Reporter Paul Briand for his recent coverage of PILL via an interview with yours truly!  I’m in my early 60s and the path to PILL has a rather long story so kudos to Paul for his thoughtful and skilled weaving of the salient points!



Beth Boynton has made a career – and written a book – devoted to using the improv techniques to help medical professionals improve their communication skills.

Today, she wants to expand that offering to a more general audience in Portsmouth. To that end, Boynton has created PILL – Portsmouth Improv Learning Lab.

Experiential activities from the world of improv can be made to be safe, fun and transformative. When there is no pressure to perform, this process of divine play can also lead to new friendships and much joy,” said Boynton.  

Read full story here!