PILL logo with ice and snow

No one knew what would happen when they took the Arctic PILL! :)

In fact, no one was really planning on taking an Arctic PILL!  One very cold day in downtown Portsmouth, NH,  3 devoted PILL students came to class.  First Susan, then Kelly, then Jen.  It wasn’t long before they realized their dilemma. 

They were locked out of the building!

As the teacher, I felt a sense of panic when the app to get into PPMTV wasn’t working. 

In my head… Don’t worry.  Trust your students. Trust the process. Try the app again.

Everything will be fine. Try the app again!

After all this was a PILL improv class.  If anything in life can help you learn to roll with the unexpected, it is improv! 
PILL Improv Students and Teacher having fun despite getting locked out on a very cold day!

You know what?  Each woman was 100% supportive! Together  we said YES to the situation and started class outside.   

It was an awesome class. 

Neighbors told us we looked like we were having lots of fun! Later when we went in search for warmth and hot beverages, people at Cere’s Bakery told us we looked so happy.  And I think we livened up Breaking New Grounds with our silly and and love-filled energy!

Beth & Susan rapping like Mr. Mike?

We’ll be announcing winter PILL classes soon!  Please join us for some wacky-fun and loving-spirit times! 

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