Keeping You in the PILLoop!

Just a quick update before heading to the Music Hall for a movie.  Not sure if I’ll go to “Lovers” or “Obit”!

  • Only 2 spots left in upcoming class which begins Monday night.  How exciting is that?  And you can still get the Early Bird rate until 11:59 pm 7/7/2017!

Discover PILL:  The Improv Way to Have Fun, Meet Nice People, & Grow! Register Here!

Liz Korabek-Emerson, of Korabek Training,  is writing a series for the PILL Blog about Mindfulness and Improv.  (Thanks, Liz!) It will coincide nicely for promoting our class Stronger Together: The Extra Strength PILL for Connecting with Presence & Fun.

We are jazzed about this new class and had a blast putting up PILL Posters all over Portsmouth!

  • Last but not least, the PILL filming project begins 7/15 with a small group of PILL-takers, 3 camerafolk, and an idea!  Stay tuned to learn more about what’s coming down the PILL Pike! 🙂



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