Portsmouth Improv Learning Lab PILL classes

Improv sessions to give nurses & kids a boost!

What benefits does facilitated improv offer?

Facilitated improv sessions provide safe opportunities for participants to play together and build trust. The combination of trust and play is like magic for nurturing relationships, encouraging teamwork, decreasing stress, and developing social skills. And contrary to popular opinion, you do not need any improv or acting experience to enjoy the activities!

PILL РPortsmouth Improv Learning Lab is offering single session classes at PPMTV this month. One is for kids and their adults (Jan 19th) and the other for nurses  and nursing students (Jan 26th).

What to expect at a PILL Improv Session!

A safe environment for playful activities. 

Confidence and trust-building experiences.

Lots of support!

Positive social experiences.

Shared memories that are joyful and unique.

To learn more please check the above links, read testimonial, or contact Beth: 603-205-3509 – Bbbboynton@gmail.com. Happy to answer questions! And if you know of a nurse or kid who might be interested, please share. Thanks a lot.

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