Empowering Leadership in Action & Don’t Miss “The Producers” at Seacoast Rep!

As a volunteer usher, I got to see the preview for the latest show at Seacoast Rep last night and it was fabulous! The Mel Brooks musical, The Producers has a story line that will make you cringe while the SRT production will have you laughing and dancing in your seat.  Seriously, you have to be there! 🙂

Big Kudos to the entire cast while I have to say that Jamie Bradley and Chris Bradley were incredibly captivating and hilarious in their roles.  I’d almost see it again just for them! This show isn’t for kids, but if you can make plans to see it, you will have a fun night out.

What inspired this PILL post though was a subtle, yet profound leadership intervention that I noticed when the Front of House Manager, Mark Michael Adams, was doing the huddle for ushers before the show.

He was requesting assistance from one or two of us at the bar and one of the ushers had helped once before.  She seemed willing, yet hesitant when she said, “I will if you want me to”.  Mark immediately shook his head saying gently, but firmly, “No.  If you want to be an independent woman, you have to decide”.  She stepped up to the plate and said, “Sure”!

This is not a small thing because a leader who didn’t understand complex power dynamics or care about really supporting this usher in building her confidence could have easily made the decision for her.  Such a leader could have walked away feeling he (or she) tried to be empowering while holding onto authority. Which isn’t really all that empowering.

What Mark did was create the opportunity and then provide the support for her to make the decision!  And I have no doubt that he did whatever he could to make sure that she was successful in the role.

Now that...THAT is collaborative leadership! THANKS, Mark! Click To Tweet

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