Winter 2019 PILL Schedule


Yankee Swap PILL Party! 

Jan 12th 2:30p-5p at PPMTV – 280 Marcy St. Portsmouth, NH  
All PILL students are invited and their family and friends are welcomeWe’ll play, swap, reconnect and create some silly magic! We’ll bring cups, plates, napkins, utensils if you all will bring drinks/snacks, a bizarre gift to swap (or regift) and your lovely selves.   Donations are welcome. Please let us know if you are coming via or 603-205-3509. And come last minute if that works better for you!

Pilot PILL for Kids & their Adults 

Jan 19th, 2:30-5pm at PPMTV – 280 Marcy St. Portsmouth, NH
This will be geared towards playful activities that kids and trusted adults can do together.  If you are a parent, aunt or uncle, trusted friend who loves a kid and wants to share some PILL improv magic, please join us! You will be silly together and form endearing memories. No one is too old and min age would be around 5. Donations are welcome.  Learn more and register – Here

Stress Relief PILL for NURSES!

Jan 26th  2:30-5:00 pm at PPMTV –  280 Marcy St. Portsmouth, NH

This will be a fun afternoon of rejuvenating play and connecting with Beth Boynton, RN, MS and your peers.  Those of you who are nurses or know nurses who could use a good laugh, please help me spread the word. 2.5  Contact Hours for stress management will be provided.  Price $75.  There will also be a A Medical Improv book signing and big savings!  Since people usually leave PILLs feeling connected and playful,  consider saving time after for sharing a meal downtown.  Limited to 16 participants. Learn more and register – Here

Stronger Together: The Extra-Strength PILL  

Feb 2 – 23rd, Saturday afternoons 2;30-4;30
Liz Korabek-Emerson and I are really excited to offer this fun, heartwarming, combo again! It will be our 6th time, right, Liz?   Price – $80!