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Thanks to new PILLer, David Silberman, aka “Darling David”  we have some other exciting improv goings-on to share!
There is the first-ever Vermont improv comedy festival,….this weekend July 19-21, 2018 – Elderberry Jam, the troupe, (David is a member!) and will be performing at 6 PM!
By the way, this senior-oriented improv troupe is always auditioning for new members…if y

ou or someone you know is an experienced improvisor, of 50 years or higher, check them out! (Hmmmmm, I want to keep in mind!).  You can follow Elderberry Jam here:
Last but not least, there is the Vintage Improv Festival, in Boston coming on Sunday Sept 9, 2018!
Hey maybe could carpool from PILL HQ?
Thanks, David and break a leg this week-end!

Looks like a New Pop-Up Artist Thing Going on in York this Week-End!

My dear friend and business colleague, Joanne Muckenhoupt is bringing her Redwing Hill studio to the next level.  And she wants to make it work for other creative people too. (I think helping others is in her DNA!)

If you are an area artist, you might want to connect with her and showcase/sell some of your stuff. If you like to support local artists and own awesome stuff, come by this weekend.  I believe the guest artists are Andrea Abbot and Paul Jarvis!

Joanne has done the graphic design work for two of my three books and 3 logos for my businesses.  She works to understand her clients so she can help them be successful,  and navigates the tech/graphic design world with ease.

Catch this wave early on!

Redwing Hill Studio! A new Pop-up Shop in York, ME! Local artists sell their way cool stuff. Click To Tweet

Redwing HIll
ph: 207.752.6035

Joanne also makes beautiful jewelry and fun T-Bone Talks videos of her cat talking!

What do the Portsmouth Inspiration Awards & Tom Rush Movie Have in Common?


They are both Spring Events at PPMTV-Portsmouth Public Media TV! 

I love PPMTV.  The people who run it and fund it.  The building itself has a creative vibe.  You never know what props you might find lying around.  It is where I teach most PILL improv classes, many with Liz Korabek of Korabek Training.  Yesterday we started a brand new pilot combining mindfulness and improv and there was a mannequin’s arm w/ a plastic cup attached to it’s hand.   We happily used it for an activity called “Props Freeze” where it became a kite, leash, and back-scratcher!  Who knew?

Anyways, PPMTV has some exciting Spring Events coming up!  Please help spread the word!

  • Inspiration Awards 4/19-where each year 3 individuals are recognized for their contributions to making the Portsmouth  area a stronger, more vibrant place to live and work.   You can learn more about this years inspiring Portsmouth peeps; Robin Alpert, Guy Capecelatro III, and Glicka Kaplan here!  Big thanks to each of you as you sure make the seacoast an awesome part of the world!
  • Meet and Greet-4/14-An opportunity to connect with the PPMTV community.  They are going to show the movie; Tom Rush:  No Regrets! NH’s own folksinger, songwriter, and guitarist  recalls his illustrious and unconventional career in this music-filled documentary.
  • Kickstarter Project to Help Keep PPMTV on the Air.  Please consider a donation to help replace their computer program and get some new software that makes all the programming possible.  Did you know that PPMtv is the only Public Access Television station serving the seacoast area of New Hampshire?

Read more about PPMTV Spring Events.

I’m grateful for the benefits I get as a member of PPMT including space to try out teaching new improv classes and invaluable expertise from Bill Humphreys and Chad Cordner for ongoing PILL filming project!

Oh and btw, I’m out of town for Inspiration Awards and have signed up for Meet and Greet.  See you there?

MORE Fantastic Raffle Prizes from Mostly Seacoast Businesses for this FUNdraising Party 2/24 in Portsmouth


2/24/18 from 5:30-8p at Jubilation Dance Studio

Suggested donation $10!

Last week we published a list of SOME of the fantastic raffle prizes you can win ifyou come to the fundraising party that local Social Worker, Lori Austin is hosting.  She is working to raise money for Back on My Feet (a cool project that helps people who struggle with homelessness.)

She’ll be there and ready to answer any questions, like;

Who is Lightening Larry?

In the meantime, here’s a link to the party flyer and scroll down for MORE

fabulous prizes you can win.

Art piece donated by Amy Kelly, lobsterwoman/artist, Tailspinstudio

Beauty Basket donated by Kristen Moisen from Ciccolini Salon

Music Hall tickets

Serendipity jewelry item

Tuscan Kitchen 2 $50 gift certificates

Runners Alley gift card

Life is Good $76 worth of merchandise

Kazimierz European Market gift basket

Union Bluff $50 gift card

Vdogg Airport shuttle service- free ride to and from airport

My Thirty-one Bag donation by AnnMarie Plante

And coffee to be provided by New Moon Coffee Roasters of New Hampshire!

Doesn’t  the Seacoast ROCK?

PILL-Portsmouth Improv Learning Lab will be doing some improv and I am seriously considering dressing as Tracey Turnblad (Hairspray Heroine) who, IMHO, is definitely a Super Hero!

Now do you want to check out the party?

Hope to see you there and as soon as I get updated list of donations, I’ll post Part II.

If you have questions about the party, contact Lori Austin!

P.S. If you can’t make the party and want to donate.

This FUNdraising Party Has So Many Raffle Prizes from Seacoast Businesses that…

…we need to make 2 blogposts out of it!!!  This is Part I!

Wait, what?

Fundraising for? 

People who struggle with Homelessness


2/24/18 from 5:30-8p at Jubilation Dance Studio

Learn about the party here or scroll down to see all the prizes you can win.

The Beach Plum$25 Gift Card

Colby’s Breakfast & Lunch – Breakfast for Two Gift Certificate

Bob’s Clam Hut – $25 Gift Card

When Pigs Fly Pizzeria– $25 Gift Card

Dinnerhorn/Bratskeller – $25 Gift Certificate

The Kitchen Eatery & Catering – $25 Gift Card

Love Your Melons – 2 Hats! (Ok not the seacoast so much, but still very cool!)

Bowl-O-Rama – Free Bowling for 4

Cinemagic Movie Theater – $25 Gift Card

Doesn’t  the Seacoast ROCK?

PILL-Portsmouth Improv Learning Lab will be doing some improv and I am seriously considering dressing as Tracey Turnblad who, IMHO, is definitely a Super Hero!  

Now do you want to check out the party?

Hope to see you there and as soon as I get updated list of donations, I’ll post Part II.

If you have questions about the party, contact Lori Austin!

P.S. If you can’t make the party and want to donate.

Brene Brown Suggests “Show Up for Collective Moments of Joy & Pain”!

Professor, Brene Brown, PhD, LMSW is well known for her TED Talk, research, and writing on courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy. In her latest book,  “Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone”, she makes the case that we are in a spiritual crisis and that “…the key to building a true belonging practice is maintaining our belief in inextricable human connection is to show up for collective moments of joy and pain”!

The idea of collective moments of joy is exactly what seems to be happening in PILL improv play and mindfulness exercises.  Playing, laughing, and meditating together builds trust and a sense of ease with others. As a teacher, (and I bet colleague Liz Korabek-Emerson would agree) this divine play is beautiful to watch!

Brown’s book is an enaging read with a call to action for each of us and she has a zero BS mindset.  There is so much chaos, fragmentation and sadly, violence in our world today that making it a priority to connect w/ compassion seems crucial.

“…true belonging is not something we negotiate or accomplish with others; it’s a daily practice that demands integrity and authenticity.”—Brene Brown


Help Plan a Joliday Holiday PILL Party?

I have the extreme good fortune of getting to know all PILL Peeps!  And what an awesome group of people you are! OMG!   Many of you know each other and I believe would love meeting those you don’t know yet. You are all so kind, lovable, and playful!!

One proactive PILL person , many of you know and love, Robin Masia (pronounced like Asia with an M) suggested I have a holiday PILL Party.   Doesn’t that sound great?  Thanks, Rockin’ Robin!  (Even though you will be traveling during the time!)

This will be a gift from PILL to all of you IF you help co-create it.  No charge, no annoying registration, no discussion about personal growth! 🙂

I can get space at PPMTV,  publicize and  facilitate some play.  I need help with all the other stuff like cups, food, drinks, decorations, pictures, cleaning up.  What else…?

If you’ve taken a PILL class you KNOW our capacity for joy is strong and true and healthy.  Even amidst all else the world presents.  Especially so!

It's our party and we'll laugh if we want to! -A POPULAR PILL PROVERB Click To Tweet

What are your thoughts?  Will you help?  Are any of you PILL Peeps also Party Planners?

What do you think of a Saturday afternoon?  Like say 12/2, 12/9, or 12/16? Or would a week-day early evening be better?  Like one of the Mondays (4, 11, 18th)?  

Use the comment section to respond publicly w/ ideas, questions, & offers to help!

And you can always reach me by email;

Combining Improv and Mindfulness is Trending!

Improv and mindfulness?  Sounds kind of strange, yes?  And yet, what if we can practice being present with ourselves as well as each other?  Hmmmmmmm!

This summer Liz Korabek-Emerson and I launched Stronger Together, a 4-part workshop series where we combined meditation training with fundamental improv activities.   About 10 people jumped in to try out this seemingly weird combo where each week we had a theme for each session and started out with a warm-up activity followed by some meditation and then improv activities.

Some of the feedback we received:

  • I’m having so much fun, but it is hard to explain to my friends.
  • I’ve never felt this comfortable in a group!
  • I don’t want it to end.

And we had so much fun teaching, we are offering it again Monday evenings starting Oct 23rd at PPMTV in Portsmouth and you can learn more or register here.

Other mindfulness/improv resources include Ted DesMaison and Lisa Rowland’s series called Monster Baby Podcast and Liz’s blog series:

Mindfulness Meets Improvisation 

By Liz Korabek-Emerson

Part I: Listen and Respond (and Be Present)

Part II: Start Anywhere

Part III: Embrace Uncertainty

Part IV: Be Kind

Part V: Cultivate Generosity

At PILL we take the focus off of performance.  This helps make joyful improv activities available to anyone who wants to give them a try!

Mindfulness Meets Improvisation-Part V-Cultivate Generosity

In part I of this series we explored how both practices help with listening, responding, and being present.  In Part II, we talked about starting anywhere, Part III, embracing uncertainty, and Part IV-on being kind!  

Here we explore how these two seemingly different practices both help us to: Cultivate Generosity!

When we are confident in our ability to meet our lives, moment by moment, we can afford to relax and be generous with ourselves and others.   We can take the long view and put things into perspective.  We don’t have to take ourselves so seriously.  In practicing mindfulness, once our minds settle even for a moment, we begin to connect with spaciousness, the feeling that there is enough room for things to be just the way they are.  

The ducks can just float by – we don’t have to line them all up.  

We recognize our thoughts and then practice letting them go.  We have the opportunity to further practice this when we improvise.  We have an idea of what to do next and then the situation changes and we have to shift gears, letting go of our idea.  By continuously letting go of our ideas, thoughts and scenarios in our heads and opening up to the moment fresh and curious we create the spaciousness to go with the flow.  

In the flow we start to see the bigger picture and how we can jump in and be generous.

If you are interested in experiencing these two practices (and we hope you are), join Beth Boynton and me for our exciting launch of the workshop:

Stronger Together:  The Extra Strength PILL for Connecting with Presence & Fun 

We believe you will exhale, laugh, and leave sessions feeling stronger together!

Mindfulness and improvisation?  To help people develop emotional intelligence, good communication skills, presence and deeper connections?  Granted, it’s a little out of the box.  But most fun, cutting edge and innovative stuff is.  -Liz Korabek-Emerson

Liz is a certified mindfulness instructor, transformational workshop leader and creative coach dedicated to helping people become more resilient through mindfulness.  Since 2012 she has been designing and leading mindfulness programs for individuals and organizations including the Portsmouth Hospital, Liberty Mutual, and Riverwoods Retirement community.  She also holds an MFA in theatre and brings thirty years of experience creating and directing theatre to teaching programs that are empowering, creative and engaging.  Learn more at Korabek Training.