Be Crazy

Empowering workshops for promoting trust, presence & respectful communication in mission-driven workplaces!

The Gods Must Be Crazy!  

Improv & Mindfulness for Healthy People, Creative Teams, & Productive Workplaces

How would you describe organizational bliss? A workplace culture where respect is in the air? A place where skillful communication, dynamic teamwork, empowered problem-solving, and creativity are everyday experiences?  

In these innovative workshops with Mindfulness Teacher/Theatre Artist Liz Korabek-Emerson, MFA and Organizational Development Consultant/Improv Teacher, Beth Boynton, RN, MS, participants will experience activities that build trust, confidence, emotional intelligence, and communication skills.   Qualities and skills, which in turn, infuse teams and cultures with respect and enthusiasm. This unique and engaging combination of mindfulness practices and facilitated improv activities are designed to help participants succeed by being present, developing their best selves and contributing to the wellbeing of others. Because the learning is safe, playful, and experiential, participants are able to connect directly to these human qualities in themselves and with their peers. As a result, people continue to access and develop them after the workshop.

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People will laugh, take risks, encourage others, and de-stress together. This is how a workplace becomes a respectful community where people want to show up, do a great job, be an active member of the team, and contribute to the mission and values of the organization. 


Customized workshops available in 90 min, half-day, full-day and series.

Corporate rates start at $2,000. Contact or


Who said people can’t have fun on the path to organizational bliss? 

(If corporate rates are a barrier to hosting a workshop, please contact us to discuss options.)