May Improv of the Month for Seacoast Business Leaders – Decrease Stress with The Danish Clap!

The Danish Clap is a fun activity that you can use to liven up a meeting or close one on a positive note, promote situational awareness, and learn about subtle leadership styles. In May’s Improv of the Month, we’ll use it to inspire laughter and promote positive relationships among your hardworking staff. Even spending 5 minutes on this activity will be enough to have a positive effect!

It is easier to show than describe and here are several videos for you.

First, in this brief video you’ll see me teaching it to students at the Portsmouth Improv Learning Lab – PILL. First in pairs and then in triads. Sometimes people groan a little in the beginning. Try to let that be and trust that lots of laughter and connections will emerge.

The value of holding space and creating the opportunity for a shared experience that is joyful will be felt on a visceral level! And who knows, there may be some eager staff who will become the Danish Clapping experts at your organization!

Feedback from colleagues using the activity is affirming!

As a facilitator, I can sense moments where the energy of the group begins to flag after so much talking and listening. That’s when I like to bring out the Danish Clap exercise I learned from Beth and added to my tool box of offerings, for any group that is game.

I have found it is easy to teach. It immediately gets people on their feet, interacting, moving, and laughing spontaneously. The experience feeds a renewed energy to the rest of the meeting and builds a sense of teamwork and camaraderie. Beth Tener
Principal New Directions Collaborative

Doing the Danish Clap Almost Anywhere!

I first learned of the Danish Clap from the Honorable Oluwadamilola Apotieri, an applied improv expert from Nigeria who has worked with nurses, refugees, and military personnel.

We had an opportunity to meet at South Station in Boston last Fall. As you will see in this 17 second example, he won!

And finally in this demo from the Copenhagen Game Collective, you’ll enjoy a more competitive version and demo with four participants! Watch them increase speed towards the end.

Applied Improv

In the course of day to day work challenges, a little fun with the Danish Clap may be just what your staff needs to exhale, destress, connect, and be their best at work.

This “Improv of the Month for Business Visionaries ” series is designed to help leaders who are willing to dip their toes into improv teaching with simple activities that contribute to important outcomes. If you’d like more comprehensive support please check out this summer class for leaders and teachers or reach out to! Happy Clapping! 🙂

P.S. Want another fun way to Work Smarter – Together?

My friend, colleague, and certified mindfulness teacher, Liz Korabek-Emerson and I are offering an open house to business leaders on 6/25/2019 at the Northeast Credit Union in Portsmouth. We will be demonstrating our Fiercely Human Workshops as a new way to kick-off conferences, retreats strategic planning sessions! Want a fun way to work smarter – together?