Furloughed workers playing improv at Washington Improv Theater during government shutdown

Applied improv promotes joyful connections!

Free food and improv during the shutdown!

Over the last few weeks we’ve seen heartening evidence of Americans from coast to coast, step forward to help others during the government shutdown.

Locally, on the ME/NH seacoast, Gather, an organization dedicated to ending hunger distributed food to furloughed personnel with the United States Coast Guard.

Some might be surprised to think that offering improv sessions would be a way to support others during tough times. Which is just what the Washington Improv Theater did! And if you are willing to take a closer look you will see many layers of richness.

Improv activities are connecting!

Many improv activities, when expertly facilitated, help people to be present and playful, to share themselves a bit and to open up to others, to play together. From a communications standpoint, improv helps us practice speaking up and listening. And from a relationship standpoint it helps us find a safe fun way to celebrate our connections.

Watch this Washington Improv Theatre video from the 33-43 second mark. You’ll see how one person does a simple gesture and sound and then everyone else comes in and repeats it. Can you see, feel, and hear how the group supports the individual and how imagine how transformative this might be?

Local mindfulness & improv class!

If you are in the vicinity of Portsmouth, NH during February of 2019, please check out our class Stronger Together. Liz Korabek-Emerson and I will guide a small group in playful and meditative activities that will leave you, as this testimonial suggests, feeling uplifted!