What do PAPA Campers & Crew Have to Say about “Silent Lunch”? Shhhhh….

Imagine this dining hall…

Location: Pierce Camp Birchmont in Wolfeboro, NH.

All seems quiet, yes?

Next, imagine well over 100 of these theater-dancing-singing-loving-people eating lunch IN the dining hall.

And it is still quiet?

How could this be?

It was Silent Lunch at Portsmouth Academy of Performing Arts (PAPA) Camp! Believe it or not, it really was QUIET! The whole time!

Camp Director, Alden Caple explained that “Silent Lunch is a time for campers to practice non-verbal communication. Using American Sign Language, (ASL) facial expressions, and gesture the whole camp has the opportunity to discover new ways of communicating while learning and appreciating ASL.” 

As this year’s Camp Nurse and overall introvert, I loved it! I noticed slowed down eating, tasted each bite, and was able to communicate differently with others at my table. It was calming for me. I wonder what other campers thought about it.  Obviously, we didn’t really talk about it at the time and afterwards we were on to other things.  Maybe some campers will comment here or on FB?