Thinking of Taking a PILL? Check out Sunday’s Single Dose and September’s Discover PILL Classes

I love teaching Improv classes for people who want to have fun, tap into a supportive community, and play around with personal growth.  Ask any PILL-taker what they love about class and you may get different answers.  One thing I think we all share is the joy experienced in Divine Play.  I’ll write more about why I love teaching and playing improv in another post, but right now I want you to know about 2 upcoming classes!

Discover PILL:  The Improv Way to Have Fun, Meet Nice People, & Grow!

Monday evenings 6:00p-830p, Sept 11th-Oct 16th 2017

This beginners’ class is held once/week for 6 weeks and is a great way to try fundamental improv activities and meet some fun and nice people. You may also experience increased confidence and improved communication skills. Facilitated by Beth Boynton.  We’ll make time for discussion and socializing.  No experience necessary!  Just a desire to explore the realm of this divine play with others.  Read more or register here!  This class may be repeated multiple times!  Oh and don’t miss the Early Bird rate!

Contact Beth ( with any questions!  I’m always happy to meet for coffee in Portsmouth and tell you more.

Discover PILL 2: More Divine Play the Improv Way

(It is a Single Dose PILL and STARTS THIS SUNDAY!)

4th Sunday of the month starting August 27th.

If you’ve taken Discover PILL: The Improv Way to Have Fun, Meet Nice People, & Grow and/or Stronger Together: The Extra Strength PILL for Connecting with Presence and Fun, you’ll be jazzed to know about Discover PILL 2. In this once a month level II class we’ll jump right into improv activities, try some more complex ones, and play for longer. They’ll be time for socializing and discussing too! But mostly, we’ll play! Read more or register here.  You can save by registering online.  Use the private pay option to pay the online rate at the door!

Contact Beth ( with any questions!

Spotlight on Seacoast Actor & NH’s Commitment to Holistic Health Via Art, Medicine, & Improv

Jennifer Sue Mallard is well-known for many wonderful acting roles on the NH seacoast.  Did you see her as the Lady of the Lake in this Summer’s hit show, Spamalot at Seacoast Rep?  OMG the whole show was amazing and so was she!

A newer and also exciting role for Jen is as one of the dedicated instructors at the River Guild Holistic Health Collective in Concord, NH.  Here she teaches many forms of art all of which is approached in a therapeutic way. She incorporates meditation in every class and teaches improv for adults and youth.

Jen also teaches wire wrapping healing stones, painting from your soul and collaborative choreo!

I’m loving having found an outlet to combine my passions of helping people organically and in a healthy way by using what I know And love. Art is such a beautiful form of medicine and I’m lucky to have become aware of how I can use my skills in a deeper way, to bring us all together and heal the soul!  –Jennifer Sue Mallard

The River Guild is a holistic health collective with community space serving Concord and Central New Hampshire. Their classes include yoga, healthy eating seminars, meditation, reading groups, author events, mindful parenting, art and children’s classes. Doesn’t this look like an exciting place? Whether for primary treatment or to support traditional medicine, with all the chaos in health care these days, it is reassuring to hear about a calming and loving place for healing.  And what a great place for instructors too!

Their philosophy is grounded in the firm belief that everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to teach!

Meanwhile, here on the seacoast Fall classes for PILL-Portsmouth Improv Learning Lab are taking shape. Applied improv, (different from improv comedy) is a fun way to meet people and grow!

Lots of Creative Happenings on the NH Seacoast-Yes, Like The PILL Filming Project!

Thanks to the amazing Out of the PILLbox Players* and Portsmouth Public Media TV, the PILL filming project is off the ground.  PILL stands for Portsmouth Improv Learning Lab where we hold improv classes for everyday people who want to have fun, develop interpersonal skills, and meet other nice people.  (We even have a new class combining mindfulness and improvisation!)

There are two goals for the filming project:

  1. To help people see how safe, fun, connecting, and enriching improv activities can be.
  2. To provide video samples of activities that can be used for teaching as discussed in my train-the-trainer book, Medical Improv: A New Way to Improve Communication.

Same Time Story aka Mirror Speech aka Synchronized Story is a fun improv activity adapted from Viola Spolin’s book,  Theatre for the Classroom. Here, Glenna Kimball and Jody Fuller demonstrate the activity while their friends look on!

As you watch this 2 min Youtube, notice:

  • How much fun they and their classmates are having!
  • How quickly they adapt to an unexpected topic and change in leadership!
  • How focused they are on each other!
  • How safe and easy this activity can be!

Same Time Story can be useful in the development of emotional intelligence and respectful listening skills and it is a great way for people to experience what it is like to be heard!  Yet, it can be tricky to teach or explain in writing!

Introducing the Out of the PILLbox Players (OOPPs)!

Jody Fuller, Glenna Kimball, Liz Korabek-Emerson, Mary Ellen McElroy. Robin Masia, Corrie Owens-Beauchesne, Anita Remig, and Dwyer Vessey! A couple OOPPs have acting backgrounds. Most do not.  All have taken some PILL classes and have agreed to help with the goals of this project.  We had a blast and will be holding 3 more sessions.  (If you are interested in participating, contact me:

And thanks to Chad Cordner for production support and with Colin McCarthy and Eddie Pimansone for manning the cameras!